Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 4 at the Taiwan Navy Shipyard

finnally back on line after 4 days. so much to add later when I get to a real computer & not this cell phone. As we left Taipei we did pass the "Little Dingdong Science Center seen here,
please don't think that I have a joke here.

But I have failed to explain our tea
m yet, of course the famous Yu Juanjuan of this & other blogs (more on that soon) & me  Phil. We are 7 total so her brother Bon is biking, barely, as his his wife Xia (shiaa) on the middle here, daughter 12 yr old Meng Yu & Li Yin, seen standing & lauging

We are going down the west Coast 1st, on the Taiwan Strait, facing China but too far away to see anything. very urban & developed. Taiwan is the same as China if China were civilized  clean, I could go on & on, just enjoy this picture of clean fruit,

BTW, that is Juanjuan & Bin. This is day 2 & this street market helped make up for the sleazy hotel with the two-bit hookers hanging out in the lobby. One of my favorite things about Taiwam is how, unlike China, when a motorist sees a biker they actually hit their brakes, amazing. Evening 3 was at this temple, a big open sleepong room & we were

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