Sunday, September 30, 2012

today the mountakn stage

today will be the hardest part  120+KM, just Juanjuan & me, I hope this will not be the last photo ever taken of us

at the beach

yesterday we finnally reached the Southern tip of Taiwan, here is the statue,

this part of the country is the 1st time we have experienced beach culture, even though the whole island is tropical. here a 7-11 by the shore with Meng Yu, 
Beach culture or not, these people are not poor, here is a typical home,
& the food is Chinese all the way, here, the end of another greag dinner, with all the shrimp heads sitting on the table,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 5

the bikepath S along the W coast was very bike friendly, even if you are a human & not a lobster

this temple has 2 large sleeping rooms upstairs & we were the only ones.
Day 3 evening.
the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 N. now the tropics, is it just me or is it getting hot around here?
this evening we made it to the Navy base at Tainan, the southern big city. tonight the southern tip of the country cooinciding

Day 4 at the Taiwan Navy Shipyard

finnally back on line after 4 days. so much to add later when I get to a real computer & not this cell phone. As we left Taipei we did pass the "Little Dingdong Science Center seen here,
please don't think that I have a joke here.

But I have failed to explain our tea
m yet, of course the famous Yu Juanjuan of this & other blogs (more on that soon) & me  Phil. We are 7 total so her brother Bon is biking, barely, as his his wife Xia (shiaa) on the middle here, daughter 12 yr old Meng Yu & Li Yin, seen standing & lauging

We are going down the west Coast 1st, on the Taiwan Strait, facing China but too far away to see anything. very urban & developed. Taiwan is the same as China if China were civilized  clean, I could go on & on, just enjoy this picture of clean fruit,

BTW, that is Juanjuan & Bin. This is day 2 & this street market helped make up for the sleazy hotel with the two-bit hookers hanging out in the lobby. One of my favorite things about Taiwam is how, unlike China, when a motorist sees a biker they actually hit their brakes, amazing. Evening 3 was at this temple, a big open sleepong room & we were

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 1 Juanjuan's birthday

this is pretty I can blog & upload photos directly from my phone.
well I'll make this a quickie. day 1, 
Juanjuan's 54th birthday, Sept. 26, 2012 & we biked 58 epic Km. falls galor, 2 people already riding in the van. Below is our start in Taipei (yes in Chinese it is Taibei) 
theCyclist Federation has rented us these bikes & we have a van & driver.